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Summer Breaks

Find a Macdonald Hotel with Priority Hotels

Priority Hotels makes it easier for you to find luxurious accommodation in a stunning setting.  From stylish city inns to glorious country mansions, you can choose from a range of great hotels, run by dedicated, experienced professionals and boasting excellent, onsite facilities.

Choose from spa break hotels with state of the art leisure centres, giving you the perfect way to refresh and unwind, and with a countryside break you can truly enjoy some of the UK’s most impressive scenery.  If you’re staying in the city, then your hotel keeps you in reach of the attractions, architecture and entertainment, whilst providing you with a welcoming, leisurely place to stay.

We provide a review of each hotel, giving you an idea of the characteristics and style of each one, and give you details of amenities and price.  We offer photos, address, maps, check-in time and everything else you need to know before you book.  We also provide additional information on special offers and hotel extras.

About Macdonald Hotels

Every Macdonald Hotel combines class, charm and distinctive character to bring you the highest quality hotel experience, with luxurious locations, fine food and drink, and a superb selection of great activities. 

The classic hotel styles and glorious surroundings help to ensure that you enjoy a perfect stay, and you’ll quickly find that the hoteliers are dedicated, passionate people who want you to get the most out of your time spent as their guest.

There are over 40 Macdonald Hotels situated in stunning settings throughout the UK, from down on the beautiful South Coast, all the way up to the striking scenery of Scotland.  Macdonald Hotels has always seen it as essential to offer a unique and memorable experience in each hotel bearing the name, and once you’ve enjoyed the award-winning quality and service that is synonymous with their accommodation, you’ll already be looking forward to your next stay.